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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

So I've upgraded the car in my driveway...

The elderly Lincoln Mark VIII has departed the drivewayafter 2 1/2 years of residency, bound for where ever the National Kidney Foundation of Utah & Idaho can dispose of it. It was worn out and neither the BSU or I cared enough about it to sink any more money into it, so it left today- on a wrecker. We'll get a tax break and some recycle yard someplace will get some still usable parts to sell.

And- I've found a replacement for the Lincoln, thanks to the KSL classifieds and some fortunate timing. I bought a 2003 Cadillac CTS just like the one at the link. (That's not my car at the link.) And lest you think I've gotten stupid and overspent, this car cost me no more than a similarly aged Hyundai, Nissan or Toyota. This car just happens to appeal to my "car guy" more than all the others I looked at.

It's nice. It came from a private owner so I didn't pay stupid dealer fees or commissions. I happened upon the advertisement last Friday evening, called the seller Saturday morning, and he called me back first over several other callers. I asked and the credit union said yes, so now I have a nice looking, and hopefully reliable car for the next several years.
It has a 5-speed manual transmission so I can't be lazy. It has more buttons than I can figure out right now. And it is my first Cadillac. Does that mean I'm old?

I wish it were red.

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